Monday, January 28, 2013

Hillsborough State Park

I'm hanging out with those wild women RVers again at the Get-together (GTG) this week at Hillsborough State Park near Tampa.

It was quiet this morning along the river.
 We're all keeping our kayaks at Soo's site, seen here next to the kayak launch.
 Thistle looking for gators along the river.
 No sign of life yet at Tina's site, which makes you wonder why all those vultures are waiting in her yard.
 Dawn is up in her morning attire, watching cardinals at her site.
 Ah, there's Tina....just in time for breakfast at Nan's. Stuart's looking for squirrels.
 Nan introduced the Cabana boy she brought with her. She tried to pass him off as her grandson, but we know how Nan is.
 She does have him trained well.
But Mom, there is a squirrel there, and I know he's after your breakfast....let me get him!
 Hee, hee...
 After breakfast it's time to launch the kayaks. Someone else no doubt captured my awkward moments.
 Tina and Remi
This is Thistle's first ride in the kayak. He seems to like it.
A Limpkin hunting for snails.
Small gator sunning on a log.

Great Blue Heron
 He led the way up the river.
 Thistle thought the rock outcroppings were sea monsters and growled at them as we passed.
 There's a hiking trail that follows the river. We'll hike it sometime this week.
 Gnarly roots
 Snail eggs
Larger gator
 And another
 Placid waters...perfect for an easy paddle, or float.
 When the sun came out, so did the turtles.
 Sharing real estate with the gators.
 Immature White Ibis
 So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. But it's not the end of the story.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting a new blog for 2013

January 1, 2013
This is my winter site in McIntosh, Florida. This year I will be traveling in my 25 foot Fleetwood Jamboree "Sport" and towing a Honda Fit. Towing will be a new experience for me and likely will change the way I plan my trips and travel the roadways. We shall see.
Once again, if anyone on my list would like to have your name removed from receiving Email updates, just let me know. 

At the left are links to previous years' blogs, if anyone wants to go back there, haha.

2013 has just begun, and there are no adventures to report yet, but they are in the planning, starting with a big Get-together with other RVing women in January. See you there!