Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blue Ridge Parkway Highlights

Carol and I did a little of the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way south. We got on near Rocky Knob in Virginia.
 And parked under some chestnut know what that means. I kept answering the door every time one knocked.
We toured around by car with a stop at the famous Mabry's Mill. Water was low in the mill pond.
 View from Lover's Leap in Meadows of Dan.

 Thistle and I hiked through a cow pasture. He learned how to climb over the barbed-wire fence.
We visited the Brinegar Cabin near Doughton Park campground.

 Thistle and I hiked the trail back to the campground and let Carol drive the car.
 The trail passed through a field of wildflowers.
A short hike brought us to this view.
 I love the hues of blue in the mountains.

 I stopped at one of the pull-offs to hike to "Jumping Off Rock." It is a long ways down.
 I stayed two nights at Price Lake.
 The first day Thistle and I hiked the trail around the lake.
 Leaves are beginning to turn and fall, but are nowhere near their peak.

 Views from the trail.

 Rhododendrons lined much of the trail. I bet it's beautiful when they are in bloom in the spring.

 There were deer in the campground. I took this out my window as they grazed near Carol's RV.
 Carol only stayed one night. I sure missed her when she left the next day, heading for home.
I took the kayoo out on the lake in the morning...without Thistle, shhhh!

 Views from the kayoo.
 They rent canoes and kayaks here, but I was the only one on the lake when I started out.

 One bright red maple all decked out.

Almost back to the ramp and here they and grown-ups, canoes and kayaks, hoots and hollers. I sure came at the right time, and got out just in time too. It's Saturday.
 Sunday I left the Blue Ridge too, driving over the Linville Viaduct.
One more stop and one more view. I'm on my way to Georgia to visit my daughter and family. Can't wait to see them again.


  1. I've enjoyed your blogs along your way this summer, but I can't wait to see you in person!

  2. Fall is definitely in the air there.