Friday, February 8, 2013

Florida GTG, Part 2

The FL GTG wasn't all about food, but food was a significant part of our gatherings. Different meals at different sites.
One morning the park hosted coffee and donuts. We were there.
Everyone dressed for comfort, no matter what time it was.

 A cold night called for an early campfire and PJs.

And there was a lot more kayaking going on too. Margie took this picture of me and Thistle.
Thistle caught on to kayaking quickly.

"Let's go!"
Looking for gators...

Yes, we saw a lot more gators.
Baby gators

Several people tried out Tina's kayaks. This is Donna.
 This man made his wooden kayak.

There was a lot to see on the river.

 We paddled out of the park.
 And into the county park.

Female anhinga, drying her wings.
 Many large fish.
Thistle and I hiked some of the trails, and left many more for next time. Thistle and Nicky walking by the river on part of the Florida Trail.
 Looks like someone lost their hat.

 The Baynard Trail is a 1 mile loop.
 Suspension Bridge
Some of us took thr tram to tour historic Fort Foster.
 This fort was active during the Second Seminole War.

 Didn't see much worth stealing, but maybe back then...
Captain's notes about a battle with the seminoles.
 The fort was built to protect this bridge.
Carolyn trying out my folding bike. I was able to sell it, but not to Carolyn.
 Sedona didn't like the basket. Irmi is the new owner of the bike.
 I'm not sure what secret Margie was hiding.
And then, just as we were going good, it was over! What a great gtg! There were others, but these are all we could manage to get together at one time for a picture.


  1. Great post Liz. Still can't understand how you saw so many alligators and Dawn didn't get to see one. A wonderful GTG with fun for all, just the way it should be.

  2. Great post Liz....and I saw enough gators for Dawn and myself !!!!!

  3. I never did see an alligator! Next time I will have my own kayak and will be on the water more so maybe I will see one then. LOL.

  4. Fanstastic pics, Liz! Thanks so much for sharing them. Thistle is an absolute doll!!! He seems to totally thrive with each new experience - so darn cute!