Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wandering in the Florida Keys

We ate out several times during our week in the Keys,
and every time the choice was Seafood.
 I learned two new types of mild tasty fish...Tilefish,
 and Hogfish.
 At the campground Tina and I went kayaking.
At dusk everyone walks down to watch the Spiny Lobster come out from under the seawall.
Pelicans waiting for the fishermen to come in and clean their fish.
 There wasn't anywhere to take a hike, but the dogs visited the campground dog park several times a day.
 One day we drove into Key West and took a trolley tour. Left to Right: Nan, Sarah, me, Tina, Wendy, Gloria.
 Chickens have free range, and are protected as are all birds in Key West. Their ancestors have been here since the 1800s.
 Largest Banyan Tree in the Keys.
 This house belongs to some famous person....I think he said Kenny Chesney.
 Many historic buildings were pointed out.
 Shops and vendors on every street.


 The boat harbor
 Tall Ship
 This plain white building housed Jimmy Buffet's recording studio.
 A signature dessert in the Keys.
 Jimmy Buffet's Marguaritaville.
 Busy Duval Street. You really don't want to be here on a two cruise ship day. This day was not bad.
 One of the beaches.
 Mile 0 of US 1.
 Parking is hard to find or very expensive.
 This house was made of coral.

 Mallory Square, famous for its Sunset Celebration. Nan is the only one who stayed for that.
 Time to rest.
And ice cream!
 Nan had a frozen, chocolate-covered Key Lime Pie.
 Then there was time to gaze at the blue water...
Too windy for kayaking, but there are other sports. 
Another day we went to the Theater of the Sea, similar to Marineland. 
The lagoon.
 Dolphin show,
 Sea Lion show,
Lots of large iguanas live here.
 They hang out in the mangrove trees.
 I learned there are three kinds of mangrove trees: red, black, and white.
 There was a place to swim and snorkel.
Or wade, as Wendy chose to do.
 There were rescued Sea Turtles being rehabilitated for release back to the sea,
and those like this one that can't be returned, but will live out their lives here.
 He has to wear a flotation device to help him surface to breathe. Note the gull getting a ride.
 Two cute puffer fish.
 Blue parrotfish
 Parrot show
 We did go back to Key West and toured Fort Zachery Taylor...built during the Civil War, but I didn't bring my camera.
Tomorrow we will leave the Keys, some going our separate ways. I hope to spend some time in the Everglades before going back to McIntosh.


  1. A lovely visit seen through your eyes. So many of us wish we were traveling right along with you. Can't wait to "see" the Everglades.

  2. Wow Liz! Thanks for taking us with you all. Someday I will make my way to the Keys. Your pics sure made me want to go there.

  3. Enjoy the Everglades. Wish I were going with you in there. Should be lots of fun and interesting critters.