Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fitzgerald, GA

Just follow me, I'll show you around!
They call it the Yank-Reb City where America reunited after the Civil War.
A little about its founding...
More about that later because you were lucky to arrive on our special day, the day of the annual Wild Chicken Festival!
Thistle's mom wasn't sure she could get an RV site at the park because of all the excitement. This same week is a big Sky-diving meet filling up half the campground. No problem though, there were plenty of spaces on the other side of the lake. I sent the Mayor out to greet them and invite them to the Wild Chicken Festival.
There are skydivers here from all over the US and Canada. The planes load up the skydivers,
And take off into the wild blue yonder.
Where the wild geese fly.
Don't be thinking that geese are important in this's really all about us wild chickens.
But Thistle and his mom spent the first afternoon watching the skydivers from their campground site.

They were showing off their colorful parachutes, but they can't compare to my rooster feathers for beauty.
Some were diving tandem, silly people.
He wasn't really landing on that RV, but he could have. 
Everyone seemed pretty precise with their landings. 

Which took some skill, because it was quite windy. 
I was waiting for one to land in the lake like the geese do,
And one finally did, silly goose.
Do you think those people ran over to help him? No, they ran over to take a picture.
On and on they came.
Over and over, into the late afternoon.
Until the sun went down. Time for us chickens to roost.
Thistle's mom didn't get up in time for our Chicken Festival pancake breakfast. I guess she didn't hear our crowing without her hearing aids.
 But she did wake up in time to see the hot air balloon fly over.
Ok, today is our special day. I know you've been waiting to hear about us. We have something to crow about.
We aren't just any chickens, we are Burmese chickens. We sport brilliant orange and yellow ruffs and gleaming black tail feathers.
And we are smart. Back in the 1960s, the GA Dept. of Natural Resources stocked Burmese chickens several miles from here at the Ocmulgee River to be hunted as game birds like pheasant or quail.
 We made our way to downtown Fitzgerald, where we have prospered ever since. They don't allow hunting in town.
And the townspeople figured out it was a win-win arrangement. Our annual festival brings a lot of people flocking to this town.
Just follow my tracks... 
Main street is lined with vendors today, selling crafts and food.

Don't even think about it!
Thistle and her mom enjoyed an (all beef) hot dog together.
And watched the Chicken Crowing Contest. (Funny they don't call it Rooster Crowing)
The children are cute, but their crows don't compare to mine. 
But they get a T-shirt for trying. 
You will see some ordinary farm chickens at the festival...they are not us. We are far superior.
Not only are we exotic and beautiful, we are also more athletic than your average chicken. 
You might want to check out the Car Show while you're here.
Thistle's mom was particularly attracted to this 1968 Shasta Camper.


There are some other pretty neat old cars here too. 

 "Yes, it's fast. No, you can't drive it."
To learn more about how this city was planned for retired Civil War vets from both sides, stop at the Visitor Center and the Blue and Gray Museum, housed in the circa 1902 Depot.
And I suppose you'll want to do the Architectural Treasures Tour. Since residents came from 38 states both north and south, there is quite a mix of unique styles. You'll enjoy them because as you walk the streets, you'll meet a lot of my fellow chickens too.

The WRC (Women's Relief Corp) building was constructed in 1900 by Union Veterans and used as a relief hall and place for social gatherings.

Many homes have stained glass, and ornamental detailing on attic vents, gables and porches.

Faith Baptist Church, 1906. 
It was used by the Christian Church for more than 80 years.
Decorative metal cornices on the Herald-Leader (newspaper) Building. 
 In 1897 the second floor housed the Windsor Hotel and the lower floor was a wholesale grocery.
Queen Anne style house originally built for the Dr. Russell family. Now houses an assisted living home.
 Stained glass

The town of Fitzgerald was laid out in a square with streets named after Generals and Battleships from the North and South.

There's a lot more, but I'm sure you'd rather look at me. Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. A great place for fun. Those chickens sure know how to throw a party. :-)

  2. Very interesting tour. You meet the nicest travelers.