Sunday, March 10, 2013

Following the Azaleas.

We had a cold front come through Florida, delaying my departure for a few days while waiting for the weather to warm up. I like to follow the azaleas as they bloom on my way northward. They were blooming in Alachua at my RV friend Nan's where a small group of us gathered to enjoy the hospitality.
We took advantage of the sunshine and got out in the kayaks on local waterways.
Sandy encouraged us to try the Ichetucknee River, a favorite of hers.
And now a favorite of mine too. This is Tina and Nan in their twin inflatable kayaks.
The Ichetucknee River begins at the Springs by the same name....beautiful clear water.
After kayaking, we were hungry. Pot luck dinners were all excellent, but this night we ate dessert first. L to R: Carol, Sarah, Nan.
The next day we went on the Sante Fe River...equally beautiful, but with dark tannic waters.

Tina owns two kayaks. This day she brought her Sea Eagle, similar to Sandy's new one.
A pit-stop along the river in case you're hungry.
And there are still good times to be had in 2013.
Basking turtles.
Our take-out spot was at Rum Island. Private land owners kindly pointed the way with this sign.
The map shows the area of river that we kayaked....quite a long stretch. We all had fanny fatigue.
The Spring at Rum Island.
The party's over at Nan's, but three of us have moved on to south Georgia. Chehaw Park in Albany has nice spacious sites and plenty of dog-walking area. L to R: My RV, Sarah's, Tina's.
And we know we didn't come too soon because the azaleas are blooming here. 
We'll each go our separate ways in a few days...Sarah home to Alabama, Tina back to work in Ohio. I have some historic places I want to visit and my daughter and family in GA, then I'll continue following the azaleas northward.


  1. The azaleas are beautiful and the kayaking sure looked like a lot of fun.

  2. what a great way to structure your travels... follow the azaleas.